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There are a lot of these basic plans available for free in books and on some websites.

Listen to the experts. These basic free running plans won't get you across that finish line in anywhere as good a state as if you use a proper marathon training programme from an expert.

Training For A Half Marathon Experts

If you're
really serious about training for a half marathon there is a good selection of marathon programs available from marathon gurus and experts to help guide you over the line in the best shape possible.

Names like Jago Holmes and Dean Karnazes are well known and respected.

Guys like this who have ran many marathons before at a professional level will offer you the best plans.

These experts have also personally trained hundreds and thousands of runners so you can trust that they know what they're talking about.

Newbie Training For A Half Marathon

The best marathon training plans will include
different levels of training depending on your current level of fitness and experience.

Some people might be quite fit, but haven't done a lot of running before. Others may be totally new to it and looking to accomplish one their life goals.

Whatever your motivation is, you can be sure that a generic plan won't work.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all program when it comes to training for a half marathon.

The more personalized you can make your program, the better it will be for you.

A good selection of the programs delivered online have lots of options for you to customize the training program to suit your needs.

The downloadable marathon training guides actually offer the best value because the costs for the writer are lower. Because they don't have to print books, make CDs or DVDs their overheads are lower and they can give you more.

This is exactly the reason why most of the experts are moving to offering their programs over the internet.

They can provide online support in member forums and chat rooms and give you an even better chance of achieving your goals.

Training For A Half Marathon

Training For A Half Marathon

Training for a half marathon is not something that
anyone should take lightly. A lot of people have a false sense of security that because it's only a half marathon, that it's going to be easy and they might not require that much training.

In fact, the opposite is true and the same rules apply to training for a full marathon. The only difference is that the running schedule will be shorter. However, the intensity must be the same, otherwise your fitness won't improve and you'll be struggling come race day.

Training For A Half Marathon Running Schedules

Without a doubt the
biggest factor to your half marathon success is having a detailed half marathon training schedule for beginners which includes distances, pace training and cross training exercises. Let me make this clear for you now, running plans which only have days and distances are not enough.

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