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Marius Bakken Marathon Plan Review

Marius Bakken Review Interview

Marius Bakken is one of the most accomplished runners in the world; this native Norwegian first ran for the University of Indiana, then went on to compete for Norway in the 2001 World Championships, 2002 European Championships, 2005 World Championships, and the 2000 and 2004 Olympics among other competitions.

In interviews with some of the most renowned running websites and magazines, Bakken has spoken extensively about the impact that his coaches and trainers have had on him, ranging from his high school and college coaches to the famous Peter Coe, with whom he trained for two years.

He has taken the wealth of knowledge that he received at their hands, combined it with what he learned while running in Kenya and from successful Italian coaches, and created an innovative Marathon Training Plan that promises fantastic results, whether you are an experienced runner looking to improve your previous record or a novice runner looking to complete your very first marathon.

Marius Bakken Review Marathon Plan

Marius Bakken's Marathon Training Plan is based on his own running experience, including his fifteen stays in Kenya. It is a plan that can be accomplished in one hundred days, which is the average amount of time that a runner puts into training for a marathon. It can also be done in as little as sixty days or as long as 150 days.

His plan involves four steps that are applicable for everybody; choosing, training, preparing and prevention.

Choosing refers to the selection of the best marathons for you; training goes through the day-to-day running schedule, including heart rate training. Preparing is the nitty gritty of what to eat and drink and what to do to take care of your body as you prepare for the marathon and what the best running shoes are for your long run.

Finally, prevention provides general running tips on stretching and injuries. The program provides a smart, common sense approach to training, providing the appropriate amount of motivation while ensuring that you neither overtrain nor undertrain, all in a way that can be personalized to your own experience and needs.

Marius Bakken Review Training

The Marius Bakken 100-Day Marathon Training Schedule promises the results you want in twelve weeks or less. For just
$47, he provides the twelve week program plus a three week pretraining and three week post-marathon program.

The program also includes a fourteen chapter, 120-page how-to manual that takes you through training first for a 5K race, a 10K race, a half-marathon, then on to the full marathon. It includes twenty-five videos with step-by-step schedules, information on choosing shoes, running form and strength training.

It also includes 8 customized training schedules based on your desired finishing time, and comprehensive workouts based on heart rate optimization. Runners who sign up for the program also get access to the program's bonus fifth step, a question and answer website where members can exchange their success stories and running tips and experiences.

Bakken's program is one of the best, most comprehensive approaches for anybody trying to learn how to train for a marathon.

Marius Bakken !00 Day Marathon Plan

Marius Bakken is an Olympic athlete and world class runner who has brought his elite running expertise to marathon runners all over the world through his 100-Day Marathon Training Schedule, as well as his information on the best running shoes, running tips, and 5K, 10K and half-marathon training.

With his unique approach, he has enabled thousands of experienced runners to improve their running times easily yet dramatically, and has introduced successful marathon completion to beginning runners.

His program offers a simple four-step approach that will provide all the information and support you need to achieve your marathon goals.

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Marius Bakken Marathon Plan Review