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Jago Holmes  Review

His areas of expertise include badminton, weight loss after pregnancy and running. Over the past several years he has helped thousands of clients, and that experience encouraged him to assemble all of the knowledge and experience that he gained into a 5k running program. Recently he created a marathon training package, specially designed to help beginners achieve their dream of successfully completing a marathon.

Jago Holmes Review Running

The emphasis of Jago Holmes' running program is on education; he disparages those who promise quick readiness for a marathon, promising instead to educate those who choose his program that he will teach them how to train for a marathon in a way that will prepare them physically and mentally and offer them maximum protection against the pitfalls that stop most runners two weeks into their training program.

Based on his experience with his clients, he is well aware of the fact that trying to do too much too soon causes the body to shut down, increases the chance of injuries that stop you in your tracks and make you lose motivation and enthusiasm.

Holmes stresses the fact that the marathon is an extreme endurance event, and believes that it is essential that anybody running a marathon understands the mechanics of running well enough to be able to create their own running schedule, as well as have a good understanding of their nutritional needs, how their bodies will change over the course of training, and how to stay motivated.

He breaks his training program down into manageable chunks that people can accommodate in their busy lives, and even puts an emphasis on having the proper shoes for your running style and good knowledge of the best stretches for avoiding the most common running problems. Armed with this program, even a beginner will be able to believe in themselves and their ability to finish the 26.2 mile run.

Jago Holmes Review Books

Jago Holmes has an impressive list of books that he has written over the course of his fitness career, including books on C-section recovery, diet and how to prepare for a 5K run.

His experience and expertise make the marathon training program he has created a remarkably complete package. For just $37.99, the aspiring marathon runner will receive two manuals with all the information needed to prepare for the race, from the biomechanical aspect to how to maintain enthusiasm and motivation.

The package also includes seven bonus e-books on the topics of nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, boosting metabolism, healthy smoothies, soup recipes, motivation, and information on glycemic requirements.

In addition to this all-encompassing program, Holmes offers a 60-day test period.

Running a marathon has become one of those bucket list things that everybody talks about doing. Whether you're a runner who has lots of mileage under your belt or a couch potato looking to turn over a new leaf, Jago Holmes has a training plan that will help you educate yourself and get ready to take on the 26.2 mile mountain that is the marathon.

Jago Holmes Personal Trainer

Jago Holmes is a personal trainer based in Halifax, in the north of England. He is a graduate of the University of Leeds with a YMCA Personal Trainer award, one of the highest levels of certification in personal training available in the United Kingdom. As the owner and principle trainer of a fitness studio called New Image Personal Training, he has had the opportunity to work with serious athletes looking to get themselves into the best shape possible and to help people making their first ever attempt at physical fitness.

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Jago Holmes Review