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To tell you the truth guys, if you're really serious about completing this marathon, and I mean not just surviving it, but actually getting a reasonable time and not totally killing yourself, you really have to get something more professional.

How To Train For a Marathon Essentials

Let's start with the
core gear you'll need. Firstly, you'll need to have some good quality footwear. Cross trainers and other sports and leisure won't cut it, you might get by in a 10k with sneakers but you really NEED proper running shoes for this distance!

Everything else you wear is really up to you, it's personal preference. Some people like pure cotton, some like dri-fit or compression socks. The only thing that matters is your shoes in terms of running gear. The only other you'll need on marathon Sunday is a fit healthy body ready to run 26.2 miles. The best way to get this fit body is to train hard and eat well.

This isn't easy because when a lot of people take on something as big as a full marathon, they quite often start out too hard and get injured. You need to build up the running slowly to give your muscles and nervous system time to adjust to the new stress you're putting yourself under.

How To Train For a Marathon Extras

There are a few optional extras which will drastically help you learn how to train for a marathon much faster.

The first thing is a proper training program which includes a diet plan and some sort of support mechanism. These are quite cheap now with the online ones offering better value due to the added support in the form of forums and online communities.

The very top ones even give one-on-one support. Other optional extras include gadgets such as watches, heart rate monitors and pedometers. You can actually get watches which do all of this, but their really expensive and at the end of the day, they won't help you much in the last 10 kilometres. Having said that, these things can be good for training and motivation if you're into them.

How To Train For a Half Marathon

There are some very good specific
half marathon training schedule for beginners programs available now.

In fact, these programs almost outsell the full marathon programs because a lot more people run these races than the full whack nowadays.

The principles are pretty much the same as training for a full marathon, just on a smaller scale. However, don't fall into the trap of thinking it's a walk in the park.

You've pretty much now got a good idea of how to train for a marathon.

Have a look at some of the top guides and good luck!

How To Train For A Marathon

How To Train For a Marathon

If you're looking for information on
how to train for a marathon then this is a strong indication to me that you've probably never done one before. That's O.K. This short article has all of the information and resources you'll need to complete that first marathon in one piece AND achieve whatever goal you are out to achieve.

How To Train For The Full Marathon

To be honest with you there's isn't much you'll need to complete your first marathon successfully. Your ability to finish and achieve your goal rests solely on your ability to stick to the training program and diet. If you do these two things then you're chances of achieving your goal will be much better. The one thing that every budding marathoner must have is a very solid marathon training schedule for beginners. A good quality program will answer all your questions about how to train for a marathon whilst also offering additional support in the form of personalized coaching and support. There are some basic guides out there. These basic types generally consist only of a running program, usually set out on one page in a graph or table. Continued below....